MTH 355

Assignment Assigned Due Subject
HW1 Sept 10 Sept 29 Sentential logic: Translations, truth-table assessment, tautologies, contradictions, tautological consequence and equivalence, formal proofs in the system, informal proofs about the system, induction.
HW2 Sept 29 Oct 20 Sentential metalogic: Connectives, disjunctive and conjunctive normal forms, circuits, soundness, completeness, compactness, decidability.
HW3 Oct 29 Nov 10 Predicate logic: translations, truth in a model, equivalence and ordering relations, formal proofs in the system.
HW4 Nov 12 Dec 3 Predicate metalogic: soundness, completeness, compactness, categoricality, definability, Löwenheim-Skolem
HW5 Dec 3 Dec 15 Natural numbers and incompleteness, undecidability

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