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CSC 344 calendar

Spring 2002

Date Assignment Reading Subject
Jan. 28 HW1   Administrivia, syllabus, what's an algorithm, what's efficiency?
Jan. 30     Problems and instances, problem size, factors affecting efficiency
Feb. 1     Problems and instances, problem size, factors affecting efficiency
Feb. 4   pp. 3-16 Measuring algorithms; ignoring constant factors & small n's
Feb. 6 HW1 due; HW2 pp. 16-26 Review of math techniques, big-O notation
Feb. 8   pp. 27-32 Basic data structures
Feb. 8 Deadline to add courses
Feb. 11     Abstract data types vs. implementations
Feb. 13     Discuss homework
Feb. 15   pp. 33-39 Numerical programming, error propagation, selection sort with different data structures
Feb. 18   pp. 40-50 Sorting algorithms; using sorting to solve other problems
Feb. 20     Hash tables and hashing functions
Feb. 22 HW2 due   Heapsort and Mergesort; mention lower bounds
Feb. 22 Deadline to drop courses
Feb. 25   pp. 53-62 Quicksort; Memoization and dynamic programming
Feb. 27     Discuss homework and big-O notation
Mar. 1 HW3 pp. 62-75 Applications of dynamic programming
Mar. 4   pp. 75-80 Divide-and-conquer algorithms (and dynamic programming)
Mar. 6     Recurrence relations and divide-and-conquer algorithms
Mar. 8     The Master Method for solving recurrence relations
Mar. 11 HW3 due   Analyzing algorithms with the Master Method
Mar. 13     Improving algorithms with the Master Method; integer multiplication; mentioned FFT's and applications to multiplication and music
Mar. 15   pp. 81-92 Graphs, graph problems, adjacency-matrix representation
Mar. 18     Review for midterm exam
Mar. 20     Midterm exam
Mar. 22     Discuss midterm exam
Mar. 25-29 Spring break: no classes
Apr. 1 Deadline to withdraw from courses
Apr. 1 HW4, in part   Discuss homework & dynamic programming
Apr. 3     Adjacency-list representation; MST, connectedness, reachability problems
Apr. 5   pp. 81-92 Depth-first and breadth-first search; reachability, shortest paths, and connectedness
Apr. 8 HW4, the rest pp. 90-95 More fun with DFS and BFS; classifying edges
Apr. 10   pp. 95-102 Minimum spanning trees and shortest paths
Apr. 12   pp. 102-113 Applications of graph algorithms
Apr. 15   pp. 100-101 Dijkstra's Algorithm for shortest paths
Apr. 17     Analyzing Dijkstra's algorithm, with various data structures for various variables
Apr. 19   p. 102 Floyd-Warshall's algorithm
Apr. 22 HW4 due pp. 115-125 Backtracking: mouse in a maze
Apr. 24   pp. 125-134 Heuristic techniques: local search, simulated annealing, neural nets, genetic algorithms
Apr. 26   pp. 139-141 Problem reductions to show something is easy
Apr. 29   pp. 141-143 Problem reductions to show something is hard
1-May   pp. 143-144 P and NP; more reductions; hard vs. complete
3-May   pp. 144-147 NP-completeness of SAT
6-May     The polynomial hierarchy; space-bounded classes; parallel complexity classes NC1, AC0, NC
8-May     Catch up and review for final
10-May     Catch up and review for final
15-May Final exam, 8:00-10:00

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