CSC 271 Calendar

Fall 2005

All reading assignments, unless stated otherwise, are chapter numbers in the Power Tools textbook. In most cases, I don't expect you to read the entire chapter, but at least the first few articles in it (and skim the rest of the chapter for things that interest you).

Date Reading HW Subject
30-Aug     Introduction, what's an OS, what's Unix?
1-Sep chap. 1, 2   Command-line vs. GUI; panther accounts; ls, date, passwd, man
6-Sep 7,10,14   cal, bc, cp, mv, rm, pwd, cd
8-Sep 8, 30   ls options, shells, I/O redirection, pipes, history
9-Sep Last day to add classes
13-Sep 27   environment variables, csh variables, common filters
15-Sep 12 HW1: office visit Common filters: cat, more, tee, sort, fmt, nl
20-Sep 9, 13   More common filters: tr, wc, grep, find, xargs
22-Sep 17   The vi editor
23-Sep Last day to drop classes
27-Sep 3,27   aliases, login scripts, intro to shell scripts
29-Sep 27   Examples of shell scripts
4-Oct No classes
6-Oct 32, 20   Regular expressions; line-mode vi commands; sed
11-Oct 1.13, 27, 33 HW2 Logging an interactive session;
Shell substitutions: !, '', \, $, "", and globbing
13-Oct No classes
18-Oct 29, notes HW3 Writing aliases; using command-line arguments; quoting
20-Oct 32, 20,34, awk tutorial   sed and awk
25-Oct 35, UNIXhelp on writing shell scripts HW2 due Writing shell scripts
27-Oct 36, 37   More on writing shell scripts
28-Oct Last day to withdraw from classes
1-Nov     C programming for Unix: command-line arguments and environment variables
3-Nov man stdio, fopen, fclose, fprintf, fscanf, fgets, fputs, system, etc. HW3 due; HW4; HW5 High-level I/O in C
8-Nov man gdb; info gdb   Debugging C programs with gdb
10-Nov 11.10, 11.11; man make; info make HW4 due Automating compilation and other build processes with make
15-Nov 39; man rcsintro, man cvs   Managing versions of software (or anything else!)
17-Nov man 2 open, creat, close, read, write, etc. HW5 due; HW6 Low-level I/O in C
22-Nov man 2 fork, man 3 exec, man 2 pipe, my examples of fork()   Forks, pipes, and execs
24-Nov Thanksgiving; no classes
29-Nov man flex; my flex examples   Flex: a language for lexical scanning
1-Dec     Work with flex
6-Dec man yacc   Yacc: a language for hierarchical parsing
8-Dec     Work with yacc
13-Dec   HW6 due Catch up and review; show off projects
15-Dec     Catch up and review
22-Dec Final Exam, 1:00-3:00 PM

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