CSC 270

Assignment Assigned Due Subject
HW1 Sept 7 Sept 14 Function definition, conditionals, and structs in Scheme.
HW2 Sept 14 Sept 23 Polymorphism, lists, trees, and recursion in Scheme
Project 1 Sept 21 Oct 14 Interpreting a little bit of Scheme
HW3 Sept 23 Oct 12 Local definitions, higher-order functions, mutation, I/O, sequence, and iteration in Scheme
Project 2 Oct 14 Nov 11 Interpreting a little bit of C++
HW4 Oct 7 Oct 28 Operators, declarations, I/O, control structures, functions and parameters in C++
HW5 Oct 26 Nov 4 Defining classes, separate compilation, and dynamic memory management in C++
HW6 Nov 2 Nov 9 Operator overloading, inheritance, polymorphism, templates, exceptions in C++
HW7 Nov 9 Nov 18 Defining rules, using arithmetic and variables in Prolog
HW8 Nov 16 Nov 30 Recursive rules in Prolog
HW9 Nov 30 Dec 9 Using structures, lists, cut and difference lists in Prolog

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