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This class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:25 to 10:40 AM, except on University holidays or if I cancel class. All dates in the following schedule are tentative, except those fixed by the University; if some topic listed here as taking one lecture in fact takes two lectures to cover adequately, or vice versa, the schedule will shift.

I expect you to have read the specified chapters in the textbook before the lecture that deals with that topic; this way I can concentrate my time on answering questions and clarifying subtle or difficult points in the textbook, rather than on reading the textbook to you, which will bore both of us. Please read the textbook!

Date(s) Assignment Reading Lecture Subject
5 Sept Administrivia, accounts, passwords, introduction
10 Sept 1 Writing, compiling, and running C programs in Unix
12 Sept HW1 info gdb Debugging in Unix
17 Sept 2 Language structure: lexical elements
19 Sept Using C operators
20 Sept Last day to add courses
24 Sept 3 Language structure: control flow statements
26 Sept Using loops, conditionals, etc.
1 Oct HW1 due 4 Functions in C
3 Oct HW2 Structured program design
4 Oct Last day to drop courses
8 Oct 5 Characters in C
10 Oct 5 Characters in C
15 Oct 6 Other basic data types in C
17 Oct Using primitive data types
22 Oct HW2 due; HW3 8 Pointers and storage in C
24 Oct Using pointers and different storage classes
29 Oct 9 Arrays and pointers in C
31 Oct 10 Strings and pointers in C
5 Nov 7 Inventing new types in C
7 Nov Midterm exam
8 Nov Last day to withdraw from classes
12 Nov HW3 due Discuss midterm; introduction to Scheme; atoms
14 Nov Scheme tutorial The read-eval-print loop, quote, functions, lists
19 Nov Lists, defining new functions
21 Nov Variables, define, set!, let, recursion
26 Nov 11 More recursive programming
28 Nov Thanksgiving --- no classes
3 Dec HW4 Code as data and data as code
5 Dec Code as data and data as code
10 Dec More Scheme stuff: backquote?
12 Dec HW4 due Catch up and review for final
19 Dec 10:30 AM--12:30 PM, Final Exam
Note date change back to the original date!

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