Calendar of topics and assignments

CSC 233, Spring 2005

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Date Assignment Reading Subject
20-Jan HW1   Intro; qualities of user interfaces
25-Jan   AF 1 Users, goals, & methodology
27-Jan   AF 2, 3 Conceptual models; kinds of users
28-Jan Deadline to add courses
1-Feb HW1 due; HW2a AF 6 Scenarios, view sketches, state diagrams, data elements
3-Feb   Tutorial example 1 Java review; using Swing
8-Feb   Tutorial example 2 GUI components
10-Feb HW2a due; HW2b Tutorial example 3 and 4 Events and Listeners
15-Feb Deadline to drop courses
15-Feb   Tutorial example 5 Layouts
17-Feb   Tutorial example 6 Radio buttons & dialogs
22-Feb     Discuss programs
24-Feb     Discuss programs
1-Mar     Model/View/Controller again; discuss programs
3-Mar HW3a   Discuss programs
8-Mar HW2b due; HW2c AF 4-5 Researching and modeling users
10-Mar   AF 7-8 Principles & patterns; the role of a program
15-Mar HW2c due AF 9 The flow of interaction
17-Mar   AF 10, 11 User tasks and navigation
21-25-Mar Spring break; no classes
28-Mar Deadline to withdraw from courses
29-Mar   AF 12, 13 Undo and files; presentations?
31-Mar HW3a due; HW3b   Presentations of UI designs
5-Apr   Events: Simple Examples & General Information A bunch of useful programming tricks
7-Apr   Model/View Tutorial & TableModel Tutorial Review MVC pattern; example presenting tabular data
12-Apr   Threads tutorial Threads for fun and profit
14-Apr   Multithreading tutorial Synchronizing threads
19-Apr   Threads & Swing tutorial Threads and Swing
21-Apr   AF ? Misc. topics
26-Apr HW3b due;
HW3c & HW4
AF 36 Installation
28-Apr   AF 14-15 Making software considerate and smart
3-May HW3c & HW4 due AF 37 Designing for the web; Catch up, review, post-mortem course
10-May Final exam, 1:00-3:00 PM