CSC 233 Calendar

Fall 2012

Date Assignment Reading Subject
Aug 30 HW1 Intro; qualities of user interfaces; design patterns
Sep 04 Tidwell 1 Users and user research
Sep 06 Crookshanks 6,8 Agile methodology; Requirements documents; State diagrams
Sep 11 HW1 due; HW2a balsamiq tutorial Interface mockups: paper and software
Sep 11 Last day to add classes
Sep 13 Tidwell 2 Organizing content
Sep 18 Tidwell 3; Cooper chaps. 11-12 Navigation
Sep 20 Swing tutorials Swing programming; some simple components
Sep 25 HW2a due; HW2b Crookshanks 7 Software patterns, especially Observer and MVC
Sep 26 Last day to drop classes
Sep 27 Laying Out Components Layout managers in Swing
Oct 02 Event Handling Writing event handlers ("listeners")
Oct 04 Code examples Timers and inner classes in Java
Oct 09 HW2b due; HW2c Homework issues
Oct 11 Tidwell 4 Designing a page layout
Oct 16 HW2c due; HW3a Tidwell 5 Commands
Oct 18 Tidwell 6 Displaying complex data
Oct 23 Tidwell 7 Forms and controls
Oct 25 Tidwell 9 Visual style
Oct 30 Closed due to weather
Nov 01 Closed due to weather
Nov 06 HW3a due; HW3b Timers tutorial in-class presentations
Nov 07 Last day to withdraw from classes
Nov 08 in-class presentations
Nov 13 Threads tutorial Concurrency using Java Threads
Nov 15 Swing Threads tutorial Threads in Swing
Nov 20 Homework issues
Nov 22 Thanksgiving -- no classes
Nov 27 Homework issues
Nov 29 Preliminary demonstration for clients
Dec 04 in-class presentations
Dec 06 HW3b due; HW3c and HW4 in-class presentations
Dec 11 in-class presentations
Dec 13 HW3c and HW4 due catch up and review for final exam
Dec 18 233 final exam, 1:00-3:00 PM