CSC 170 Spring 2012 Calendar

Date Assignment Reading Subject
Jan 23 HW1 intro to class, checking software installation, Moodle, panther
Jan 25 P&O Orientation A-C security & privacy basics
Jan 27 data representation
Jan 30 P&O chap. 1 issues: tracking & marketing, etc.
Feb 01 HW1 due; HW2 Word documentation;
homework assignment
Using a WYSIWYG word processor
Feb 03 More Word documentation,
as necessary to do assignment
Formatting, tables, & graphics in a word processor
Feb 06 Last day to add classes
Feb 06 More Word documentation,
as necessary to do assignment
Cross-references, indexes, contents, bibliographies
Feb 08 HW2 due; HW3 Using a WYSIWYG Web editor; putting up a Web page
Feb 10 Formatting & graphics on the Web
Feb 13 P&O chap. 7 The Web, HTML, HTTP, etc.
Feb 15 Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML;
My list examples;
my table examples
Under the hood: raw HTML
Feb 17 Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS;
W3Schools' CSS Tutorial;
my simple CSS example
More Web stuff: CSS?
Feb 20 Dr. Siegfried's notes on evaluating sources; an article on identifying Bad Books Using search engines; credibility and fact-checking
Feb 21 Last day to drop classes
Feb 22 HW3 due; HW4 Dr. Siegfried's notes on library databases What's not free on the Web; using library databases
Feb 24 Dr. Siegfried's notes on citation Citing sources: why and how
Feb 27 HW4 due P&O chap. 2 Microcomputers
Feb 29 The storage hierarchy
Mar 02 I'm away at a conference; no class
Mar 05 HW5 Hardware security
Mar 07 P&O chap. 3 Application software
Mar 09 Issues: piracy, journalism, auto-upgrade, open source, É
3/12-3/16 Spring break
Mar 19 P&O chap. 4 Operating systems
Mar 21 File systems & file management
Mar 23 Command-line interfaces
Mar 26 HW6 Excel roadmap 1-2 (for Mac) or Basic Tasks in Excel (Windows);
Excel Topics
Using a spreadsheet
Mar 27 Last day to withdraw from classes
Mar 28 Formatting in a spreadsheet
Mar 30 Excel roadmap 3 Formulae
Apr 02 Excel roadmap 4 Charts and graphics
Apr 04 Exploring with Excel formulae
Apr 06 HW6 due P&O chap. 5 Network basics
Apr 09 More networking stuff
Apr 11 Encryption, privacy, etc.
Apr 13 P&O chap. 6 Internet basics
Apr 16 Research day: no classes
Apr 18 Kinds of internet services
Apr 20 Network security
Apr 23 HW5 due; HW7 Access tutorial; Access topics Using a database: tables, fields, and queries
Apr 25 Multiple tables
Apr 27 Linking tables
Apr 30 Limits of computation: intractability and information-hiding
May 02 More on encryption
May 04 HW7 due Limits of computation: detecting infinite loops
May 07 Artificial intelligence?
May 08 make-up for Mar 2 catch up and review
May 14 170 final exam, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

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