Reading assignments are chapter numbers in either the Parsons & Oja book (PO), the Shelly, Cashman, and Vermaat book (SCV), or the Niederst book (JN).

Date Assignment Reading Subject
Jan. 22 HW1   Administrivia; introduction to course and software
Jan. 27   PO 1.A-B Basic concepts & terminology
Jan. 29   PO 1.C-D Web, e-mail, Groupwise
Jan. 30 Deadline to add courses
Feb. 3 HW1 due PO 2.A-B Digital information processing
Feb. 5 HW2 PO 2.C-D Storage, input and output
Feb. 10   PO 3.A-B Software and operating systems
Feb. 12   PO 3.C-D Application software
Feb. 13 Deadline to drop courses
Feb. 17 PO 4.A-B File storage
Feb. 19 Quiz 1 PO 4.C-D Viruses and backup
Feb. 24 HW2a due PO 5.A-B Networking concepts & terminology
Feb. 26 PO 5.C-D More networking concepts & terminology
Mar. 2 Quiz 2 SCV PP 1 PowerPoint
Mar. 4 HW3 SCV PP 1 PowerPoint
Mar. 9   SCV PP 2 More PowerPoint stuff
Mar. 11   SCV PP 2 More PowerPoint stuff
Mar. 16 HW4 SCV E 1 Spreadsheets and Excel
Mar. 18 SCV E 1 More Excel features
Mar. 19 Deadline to withdraw from courses
Mar. 23 HW2b due SCV E 2 Formulas in Excel
Mar. 25 SCV E 2 Formulas in Excel
Mar. 30     Presentations
Apr. 1 HW3 due   Presentations
Apr. 5-9 Spring break; no classes
Apr. 13 HW5 JN chaps. 1-3 Introduction to Web design
Apr. 15 HW4 due JN 4-6 A first Web page
Apr. 20 HW5a due JN 7 Text formatting in HTML
Apr. 22   JN 8 Graphics in HTML; file formats
Apr. 27 HW5b due JN 9 Links
Apr. 29 JN 10 Tables
May 4 HW5c due   Catch up and review
May 6-7 Possible snow make-up days
May 13 Final exam, 6:00-8:00 PM

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