CSC 160 Calendar

Summer I, 2005

Date Assignment Reading Notes Subject
May 23 HW1   PDF, PPT Administrivia, DrScheme, expressions, the Stepper, numbers, errors
May 24   1-2 PDF, PPT Design recipe; defining functions
May 25   3 PDF, PPT Defining functions; composing and re-using functions
May 26   4 PDF, PPT Data types: Booleans, strings, images
May 27 Friday; no classes; last day to add
May 30 HW1 due Memorial Day; no classes
May 31 HW2   PDF, PPT Multi-function programs; conditionals
No office hours after class due to doctor's appointment
June 1   5 PDF, PPT Symbols; Animation
June 2   6.1 PDF, PPT Practice w/animations and posns
June 3   Friday; no classes; last day to drop
June 6 HW2 due; HW3 6.3-6.5 PDF, PPT Defining new kinds of structures
June 7   6.3-6.5 PDF, PPT Defining new kinds of structures
June 8   7 PDF, PPT Mixed data types
June 9   9 PDF, PPT Lists
June 10   Friday; no classes; last day to withdraw
June 13 HW3 due 10 PDF, PPT; Scheme examples More on lists; generalizing functions
June 14   11,13 PDF, PPT; Scheme examples Recursion on natural numbers; list abbreviations
June 15 HW4 12 PDF, PPT Practice with lists and natural numbers; auxiliary functions and sorting
June 16   18 PDF, PPT Local definitions and information-hiding
June 17   Friday; no classes
June 20   19-20 PDF, PPT; Scheme examples Functions working on functions
June 21   34-35 PDF, PPT; Scheme examples Mutation, input/output, and sequence
June 22 HW4 due   PDF, PPT Misc. topics; review for final
June 23 Final exam

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