Date Assignment Reading Notes Subject
May 24     Notes Administrivia, DrScheme, expressions, the Stepper, numbers, defining variables & functions, errors
May 25 HW1 1-2 Notes Design recipe; errors; data types; Booleans, strings, symbols, pictures; composing functions
May 26   3-4 Notes Word problems; multi-function programs; conditionals
May 27 HW2 5-6.2 Notes Symbols, strings, side-effect graphics and (x,y) coordinates
May 28 HW1 due Friday; no classes
May 31 Memorial Day; no classes
June 1   6.1-6.2 Notes Review of structures; discuss homework 1
June 2   6.3-6.7 Notes Defining structures
June 3 HW2 due; HW3 7 Notes Mixed data types
June 7   9 Notes Lists
June 8     Examples Practice with lists
June 9   10 Notes More on lists; generalizing functions
June 10 HW3 due; HW4 11,13 Notes Recursion on natural numbers; list abbreviations
June 14   12 Practice with lists and natural numbers; auxiliary functions and sorting
June 15   12 Designing complex programs; local definitions
June 16 HW4 due; HW5 18 Notes Local definitions and information-hiding; functions working on functions
June 17   19-20 Notes Functions working on functions
June 21     Help session, mostly on chapter 12
June 22 HW5 due 34-35 Notes Changing variables & fields; I/O; sequential programming
June 23   ???   Discuss HW; catch up & review for final
June 24 Final exam

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