Calendar of topics and assignments

CSC 160, Spring 2007

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All reading assignments are in my under-construction textbook (in the "Course Documents" section on BlackBoard), unless stated otherwise. Readings marked "HtDP" are in How to Design Programs.

Date Assignment Reading Subject
Jan 24 HW1 Administrivia, DrScheme, pictures, expressions
Jan 29 Q1 chaps. 1-4 Manipulating pictures; defining variables
Jan 31 chap. 5 Defining functions
Feb 05 HW1 due; HW2 chap. 6; Pair Programming The design recipe
Feb 06 Last day to add classes
Feb 07 Q2 Discuss quiz; Pair programming;
start on homework 2
Feb 12 Discuss design recipe and homework
Feb 14 HW2 almost due Discuss weather, design recipe and homework
Feb 19 HW3 Dr. Bloch out sick
Feb 20 Last day to drop classes
Feb 21 Dr. Bloch out sick
Feb 26 Dr. Bloch out sick
Feb 28 Dr. Bloch out sick
Mar 05 chap. 7 Animations
Mar 07 Q3
Mar 09 HW3 due Make-up class: lab help session
Mar 12 HW4 chap. 8 Numbers and arithmetic
Mar 14 Q4 chap. 9 Strings; more practice with arithmetic
Mar 16 Make-up class: lab help session
Mar 19 HW4 due; HW5 Discuss homework; how to write animations
Mar 21 Q5 Chap. 10 Function re-use; designing large programs
Mar 23 Make-up class: lab help session
Mar 26 HW6 chap. 11 Booleans; making decisions on strings
Mar 27 Last day to withdraw from classes
Mar 28 HW5 due chap. 12 Making decisions: numbers and Boolean operators
Apr 02 Spring break
Apr 04
Apr 09 chap. 13; HtDP chap. 5 Symbols, mouse listeners, and checking types
Apr 11 Q6; HW6 due chap. 14 Characters and key listeners; start on positions?
Apr 16   chap. 16 Complex data: positions
Apr 18 Q7; HW7
Apr 23 chaps. 17-18; HtDP chap. 6.3-6.5;
HtDP Chap. 7.1-7.3
Defining new kinds of structures; more on checking types
Apr 25 HW8 chap. 19; HtDP chap. 9 Lists and functions on them
Apr 27 Make-up class: practice with structs and/or lists
Apr 30 HW7 due chaps. 20-21; HtDP chap. 10.1-10.2 Functions that return lists; lists of structs
May 02 chap. 24; HtDP chap. 11 Natural numbers
May 04 HW8 due Make-up class: lab help session
May 07 Catch up and review for final exam
May 09 Emergency/Study Day
May 14 Final exam, 3:30-5:30 PM