CSC 160 Spring 2005 Calendar

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All readings labelled "HtDP" are chapter numbers in the How to Design Programs textbook.

Date Assignment Reading Notes Subject
20 Jan HW1   PDF, PPT Administrivia, expressions, DrScheme, Stepper
25 Jan   HtDP through 2.2 PDF, PPT Defining variables and functions
27 Jan HW2 Pair Programming; HtDP 2 PDF, PPT Design recipe, teachpacks, pictures
28 Jan Deadline to add courses
1 Feb Quiz 1; HW1 due HtDP 3 PDF, PPT Data types: numbers, pictures, strings, Booleans, ...
3 Feb   HtDP 3 PDF, PPT Practice with Booleans and other types
8 Feb HW2 due HtDP 3 PDF, PPT Discuss homework 2; composing functions; multi-function programs
10 Feb HW3 HtDP 4   Working with Booleans; conditionals
15 Feb Deadline to drop courses
15 Feb Quiz 2 HtDP 5   Symbols and strings
17 Feb   HtDP 6.1-6.2 PDF, PPT Graphics, (x,y) coordinates, and posns
22 Feb     PDF, PPT Practice with posns
24 Feb HW3 due; HW4   PDF, PPT Practice with posns and animations
1 Mar Quiz 3 HtDP 6.3-6.7 PDF, PPT Defining your own structures
3 Mar     PDF, PPT Practice with structures
8 Mar     PDF, PPT More practice defining structures
10 Mar   HtDP 7   More practice defining structures
15 Mar HW5   PDF, PPT Mixed data types
17 Mar Quiz 4; HW4 due   PDF, PPT Practice with mixed data types
21-25 Mar Spring break; no classes
28 Mar Deadline to withdraw from courses
29 Mar   HtDP 9 PDF, PPT Lists
31 Mar HW5 due   PDF, PPT Templates for lists
5 Apr Quiz 5; HW6   PDF, PPT Functions that take and return lists
7 Apr HtDP 10 PDF, PPT Templates with values; lists of structs
12 Apr   HtDP 11 PDF, PPT Recursion on natural numbers
14 Apr Quiz 6 HtDP 13   List abbreviations
19 Apr HW6 due HtDP 12   Designing complex programs
21 Apr HW7 HtDP 18.1 PDF, PPT Local definitions and information-hiding
26 Apr   HtDP 19 and 20 PDF, PPT Functions working on functions
28 Apr   HtDP 34 and 35 PDF, PPT Mutation, I/O, sequential programming
3 May HW7 due     Catch up and review
6-7 May Possible snow make-up days
12 May Final exam, 3:30-5:30 PM