CSC 480

Senior Seminar in Information Systems

Spring 2014

Dr. Stephen Bloch
213 Post Hall
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Office hours MW 2:20-4:00, T 10:00-4:00
Class meetings MWF 9:00-9:50 PM
January 23, 2014

senior standing; open only to CSC and CMIS majors.
Official Course description:

Form teams and apply expertise from other CSC courses in solving substantial real-world information systems problems. Each team will research, propose, design, implement, and report on solutions to one or more such problems, with careful and professional-quality documentation at each step.

More details:

You'll each spend most of the semester (either individually or in a team of two) working on a single project, preferably one with a Real Client (a person or organization, not a CS professor, who actually wants the project done). This will give you not only experience translating what a non-computer-scientist says (s)he wants into what (in CS terms) the client actually wants, but also a substantial product that you can show off to prospective employers. Along the way, you'll need to apply skills you've learned in various CS and/or Business classes along the way -- programming, system analysis, software engineering, databases, networking, security, etc. as appropriate to the project you choose.

You'll report back to the class and to your client at several steps along the way: requirements analysis, initial design, prototype, and one or more "real" versions. There will be no exams, except an "assessment exam" (see below).

Goals of the Course
What's a “Capstone”?

This course serves as the “capstone experience” of the CS and CMIS majors. This means three things:

After the class is over, Adelphi professors from a variety of departments may read your project materials. Since they care more about the “average” student than your individual performance, they won't see your name, and the results will have no effect on your grade.

Tentative Schedule
Grading / Deliverables

Readings as necessary to complete the project. This may involve consulting previous course materials, textbooks, the library, and reliable online sources.

In addition, we'll go through about half of the Crookshanks textbook, Practical Tools and Techniques for Software Development, in the first half of the semester. You may use either the 2nd or the 3rd edition (the sequence of chapters is the same, and the content is mostly the same).

Special Accommodations:
According to the University Statement on Accommodations or Adaptations Needed: If you are a qualified student with a disability seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disability Act, you are required to self-identify with the Office of Disability Services, 3rd floor, University Center. Please see me as soon as possible for special arrangements, seating and other accommodations if necessary.
Integrity and Academic Honesty:
Integrity is a crucial part both of the academic experience and of professional conduct (especially relevant to this course, your gateway to the professional world). I expect you to be honest with me in all conversations and discussions and to treat me and fellow students with respect. You also must observe the University Academic Integrity Policy: You must always do your own work, and you may never plagiarize or cheat on tests or papers. Follow the guidelines in this syllabus and any others provided during the semester. Unless otherwise specified (e.g. team project), all work you turn in must be completed by you. Failure to do so could lead to an "F" in the course and even expulsion from the University. By taking the course and by attending Adelphi University, you agree to these conditions - please see me at any time with questions.