CSC 171 semester calendar

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Date Assignment Notes Reading Subject
Jan 23 Videos and lecture notes administrivia; expressions (numbers, Strings); variable-definition statements
Jan 23 image expressions, image variables
Jan 25 Errors and syntax diagrams; more work with images
Jan 28 A cheesy but informative video about "Pair Programming", in MOV or WMV format. The Joys (and Woes) of the Craft of Programming Writing methods
Jan 28 practice writing methods; methods involving numbers
Jan 30 Syntax rules for methods; Writing methods with multiple parameters
Jan 30 practice writing methods
Feb 01 HW1 Video on testing Analogy to English; writing test cases
Feb 04 A design recipe for writing methods
Feb 04 geometric primitives; Colors and Posns
Feb 05 Last day to add classes
Feb 06 Practice writing methods with Colors and design recipe
Feb 06 Practice writing methods with Colors and design recipe
Feb 08 More about Strings; console I/O
Feb 11 HW1 due Writing animations; model vs. view
Feb 11 practice writing animations
Feb 13 A Recipe for Animations; writing mouse handlers
Feb 13 More practice writing animations
Feb 15 HW2 Fun with Colors; pixel manipulation
Feb 18 booleans, boolean-valued methods, and how to test them
Feb 18 writing boolean-valued methods
Feb 20 Last day to drop classes
Feb 20 Conditional statements and expressions
Feb 20 Practice writing methods and animations using conditionals
Feb 22 HW3 Review writing animations; Stopping an animation
Feb 25 HW2 due Defining new classes to store multiple data; constructors
Feb 25 practice writing data classes and constructors
Feb 27 Methods in and on user-defined classes
Feb 27 practice writing such methods
Mar 01 Designing a class; equality on user-defined classes
Mar 04 Animations using user-defined classes
Mar 04 Practice writing such animations
Mar 06 HW4 Class composition
Mar 06 practice writing methods for composed classes
Mar 08 HW3 due Catch up and review
3/11-3/17 Spring break
Mar 18 Class polymorphism
Mar 18 practice writing methods for polymorphic classes
Mar 20 Polymorphism and inheritance
Mar 20 Practice with polymorphism and inheritance
Mar 22 Help with homework 4; discuss polymorphism and inheritance
Mar 25 Help with homework 4
Mar 25 Lab cancelled due to illness
Mar 27 Last day to withdraw from classes
Mar 27 Definition by parts, definition by choices, and lists
Mar 27 practice writing examples of lists and methods on them
Mar 29 Variable names and readability; inventories with values; writing methods on lists
Apr 01 HW5 Methods that return lists
Apr 01 practice writing methods returning lists
Apr 02 HW4 due
Apr 03 Helper methods involving lists; sorting
Apr 03 Practice writing complex methods on lists
Apr 05 Finish sorting; general lists
Apr 08 Operating on lists from the outside: Traversal
Apr 08 practice doing this
Apr 10 Research day: no classes
Apr 12 Help with homework 5
Apr 15 Strings as a recursive data type
Apr 15 Practice writing methods on Strings
Apr 17 Whole numbers as a recursive data type
Apr 17 Practice writing methods on whole numbers
Apr 19 HW5 due; HW6 Input streams as a recursive data type
Apr 22 Accumulative recursion
Apr 22 practice writing methods using accumulative recursion
Apr 24 From accumulative recursion to while-loops
Apr 24 practice writing loops
Apr 26 for-loops
Apr 29 HW7 ArrayLists, for-loops and "for-each" loops
Apr 29 practice iterating over various data structures
May 01 HW6 due Mutable classes and setters; equality and testing
May 01 Practice with this
May 03 Encapsulating state
May 06 Practice, catch up, and review
May 06 Practice, catch up, and review
May 08 HW7 due Practice final exam
May 08 catch up and review
May 13 final exam, 3:30-5:30: in-class component?
May 15 final exam, 8:00-10:00: take-home final due?